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RIP Wilco Johnson

What a STAR! Clap

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I felt really sad when I heard about his death yesterday. He was such an interesting guy - not to mention a fantastic guitarist. 

john aston
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I have seen Wilko several times and he was just electric - one of those performers you can't take your eyes off for even a second. But how I wish I had seen him in Dr Feelgood ...

Tony P
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I saw Wilko play the Royal Albert Hall, of all places. Curiously terrible acoustics there, but an entertaining gig, nonetheless. 
He made a remarkable recovery from his previous health troubles, but I guess his time time was, sadly, finally up.

(His album with Roger Daltry is worth a listen too.)

Tony Pashley

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Well said.

We saw him in Dr Feelgood at Reading Festival in 1975. One of the best performances I've seen.


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Canvey Island's finest Blabla

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RIP will be sadly missed

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Saw him in a pub in Southend.

Great blues man.

RIP Wilko.