Prescott Hill Climb members offer 24th July

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Prescott Hill Climb members offer 24th July

The Caterham and Lotus Seven Club have been offered a very special deal by Prescott Speed Hill Climb for their forthcoming Midland Hill Climb Championship  meeting, featuring the Northampton Motorsport Caterham and Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship on Sunday 24th July. 

 The event organisers have offered all C&L7C members 50% discount on advance spectator entry, plus a dedicated parking area for club members attending in their Caterhams or Lotus 7’s.

Visit the members special offers area here to book your tickets.

Prescott Speed Hill Climb, owned and operated by the Bugatti Owners Club has been one of the top hill climb venues in the UK since 1938 and this event will feature over 130 cars taking to the hill and tackling the challenging corners and incline. It would be wonderful to see as many club members as possible support the event and our championship, so sign up today to save money and have priority parking!