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Imagine what it is like for a GP trying to manage a patient post hospital discharge with slow, occasionally non-existent (paper or electronic) communications. I used to think of mushrooms and dark rooms.

In my experience, the only time clinical correspondence truely ever functioned satisfactorily was in the 1990s during the 'Fund Holding' era. Despite the scheme's shortcomings, payment of invoices for hospital episodes were linked to receipt of timely, relevant correspondence.


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With the current stagnation of through flow of hospital patients from A&E to discharge has the NHS ever heard of or practice that long forgotten skill known as Critical Path Analysis ?

I visited the GWH Blood Specimen Clinic & in total frustration of it's inadequacies collared the Senior Nurse to have a chat. She did not know or understand what 'constant improvement' was or how to report advice on the subject to increase efficiency.

Not all her fault as she was probably too scared to speak out about the 'system' for fear of being seen as some sort of whistle blower by the management ?

In any work place the employees from the top down (excluding management) should be encouraged to speak out on how to improve working conditions & so make their life a little easier. If in the case of the NHS 'easier' applies.