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New member with 420R

Hello, Another new member here, so I thought I would make introductions.

my name is Max, based in Hertfordshire. I have recently purchased my first Caterham, I have had it for about a month now, and I am absolutely converted! 

here are a few shots of my 420r, my original plan was to build a car, but as I was about to sign the paperwork, this Mint green example came up for sale, and I had to have it. It has all the right bits I wanted (but couldn't afford to spec on a new car) so it was an easy decision.

I have added a few bits to the car myself already, LED rear lights and indicators etc, K&N panel filter and a few little other bits. Looking forward to driving the car more, getting it out on track and getting involved with club events!


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Welcome Thumbup

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Hi Max, nice looking car.

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Hi Max and welcome.

your car looks amazing with as you said some very nice upgrades  Thumb Up  
hope you enjoy it now the spring is fast approaching.


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Welcome, Max.

What are you looking to do, touring, trackdays, blatting?  Is this your performance car?

Be sure to plan on the Fish & Chip Run, and at least one Club trackday.


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Do you need any documentation: Assembly Guide, Handbook, wiring diagram etc?


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Looks great. Very unique colour scheme Thumbup


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Hi Max,

Congratulations, looks like a good decision.  I've got a 420S on order so I'm playing the waiting game until July! I'm in Hertfordshire too, Bishops Stortford, so may catch you at event later in the year once I'm on the road.  

Enjoy your new car. Phil

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Nice looking car, green is a great colour.

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Looks amazing - welcome to the club


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Welcome to the club Max, lovely looking car.