Lotus Factory Tour - recommended

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Lotus Factory Tour - recommended

As my son had a day 'off' school yesterday thanks to the teachers' strike, I booked ourselves on to the Lotus factory tour at Hethel to see the Emira production line. 

It was excellent! Two and a half hours being shown round in a small group of 5 of us with a very knowledgeable guide. we saw everything from the engines from Toyota in crates prior to having large chunks of them removed, seat assembly, gluing on of the roof..... pretty much everything apart from the paint shop. One new car off the production line every 23 mins when we were there. No photos I'm afraid as that was strictly not allowed (however there is a Harry's Garage youtube video from there). 

At £95 pp it's not cheap, but I suspect my son learned something so better than spending the day on his XBox. 

The also had the new Elektra SUV in the reception which is currently being produced in China. It's certainly a 'large unit'.