The joys of coucils and surface dressing......

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#21 we'll I've just read that and whilst it's all very impressive it doesn't answer any of my questions, does it? 

"Give me the technical explanation, quantified, on this improvement in friction, when the stuff is first laid, after a month, 3 months etc. 

And maybe the reasons for needing that improvement, because if it's not needed it's not a benefit."

After just a few weeks the resurfacing I mentioned is now back to flat and shiny on the wheel tracks, especially noticeable in the corners. 


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This type of resurfacing makes the road considerably noisier for residents aswell.

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Anyone prepared to pay more tax to have the road surfaced properly?

Evidence from the last few elections suggests not.

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Harry Flatters
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In the UK, I believe it is the county councils that are responsible for the highways. In my case, East Sussex County Council.

If a modest increase in council tax, completely ring-fenced for road resurfacing was proposed, I for one would be willing to divvy up.

The problem is, I wouldn't trust ESCC to sit the right way round on a toilet seat, let alone not misappropriate my money for their own utterly useless ends. 

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The evidence from the current leadership campaign is  that few are prepared to pay.


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#25 - you are right , for most roads in areas with 'two tier' councils (county and district) although districts sometimes are made 'agent authorities' , typically to do the work in a town .  In 'single tier' areas like West Yorkshire and Manchester the single council does the lot . 

The exception to both is for what used to be called trunk roads - big stuff like Motorways and some, but not all A roads. 

Saying all this reminds me how much I don't miss work ..     

  As said , people want a Waitrose service at Poundshop prices and also think that they have a personal entitlement to all discretionary services . I remember one of my snotty neighbours saying he wasn't going to pay Council tax  because the road wasn't gritted. It was single  track road , rising to 600 ft asl and served a hamlet with a population of about 60 people . I made two points- the council has 6000 miles of road and grits priority routes . so how much will you pay to have this totally unimportant road gritted ? And, BTW , unlike you I don't have four kids being educated  by the local council - but I am not asking for a council tax refund . 

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Council income is complicated. Apart from the budgets being far too small for the job most of it doesn't come from council tax and their discretion is severely circumscribed.

"Local Government Explained Part 3: How are councils funded?"



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Any political party going to offer the option to pay more tax or declare how much it would need to increase by to have properly surfaced roads?

Any political party going to offer to stop pissing away money on anti-motoring measures like speed humps and lower limits?

I don't see any political party providing a manifesto commitment to sort out basic infrastructure.


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Good idea - an extra tax to have properly surfaced roads.

Of course, it would only be payable by people who use the roads... and we cannot call it a 'tax' as we've enough of these, so we'll call it a 'license'... Yes, a license to fund the building and upkeep of the roads... makes complete sense... just need a name for it... how about 'Road Fund License'... yes, perfect! Problem solved!



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I don't support tax hypothecation 


Democratic dissent is not disloyalty, it is a positive civic duty