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Tony Whitley
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It left me pondering why the racing at Silverstone Classic was mostly so anodyne this year, some of it little better than parade laps (and the much-heralded return of Group C cars was parade laps Rolleyes ),

Guy Lowe
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But you did get Rick Astley Tony Woohoo 

Cowering in a dark corner waiting for some clever dick to come along to correct or criticise my spelling and grammar Teacher

john aston
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#10 I disagree that Goodwood puts F1 in the shade . I went to the Goodwood Members' Meeting . as usual ,this spring and it was fantastic with fabulous cars on a fabulous circuit . And I am not a huge fan of Silverstone's windswept acres , nor of its enormous run off areas . But the single best thing I have seen all year? F1 P  and Q sessions at Copse , Village , Becketts and Maggotts. Copse in the dry , watching Verstappen and Norris (especially) was other worldly good live .     

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I would rather watch cars racing each other in a competitive race than the sterile world of F1 these days. Each to their own.

Clive Dabinett
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I love Goodwood ,the atmosphere is fantastic. Spa classic is my favorite .

Ed White
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Me and my old man are looking at doing this, for the 3 or 4 days its open, to try and steadily see as much as possible. Hints very welcome please, places to stay, things not to miss, things not openly advertised or known about but cool etc. Cheers, Ed