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Floor Mats

I need to replace my carpet floor mats (SV standard floor).

Any suggestions for a suitable source?


Jonathan Kay
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I ditched all floor carpets. Used 6mm thick fine-ribbed rubber matting from eBay cut to shape. Cheap as chips

East Kent AR
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Try Redline Components.


Piers Rendell
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I found rubber mats trap water under them if you get a bit in when washing it or in a bad shower so have gone back to carpets.

There are a few companies around the VW scene that make nice reasonably priced mats. 

Rugs for Bugs and Fat Bobs Emporium are the two popular choices. I'm sure if you were able to post yours they'd be able to copy them.

paul richards
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"I ditched all floor carpets. Used 6mm thick fine-ribbed rubber matting from eBay cut to shape."

So did I. Best thing. Unlike carpets that go soggy and hold water you can easily remove and quickly dry out. Fit poppers on floor adjacent to seat to stop them moving. 

Paul Richards

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Golf Juliet Tango
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I got rid of the carpets in the Seven, once wet (fat chance of that this summer) they take ages to dry out.

In the 21, I have taken out the carpets under the seats (there's posh!) and replaced with closed cell foam. There are carpets underfoot.


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My R400D has never had floor covering of any sort. It doesn't seem to cause problems.