Dunsfold Handling Day - Farewell :-(

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Harry Flatters
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Dunsfold Handling Day - Farewell :-(

For those that may have not seen the 'sticky' above, I just wanted to say a few words regarding the demise of this great event.

Having run this event since 2004, it is a matter of some sorrow, regret and not a little annoyance that we have gone out with a bit of a whimper as opposed to the 'bang' that we had planned. 

Following the sad death of my original partner in crime and cohort, Dave Hollington in 2019, we had planned one final hurrah before the impending development of Dunsfold ultimately rendered the airfield unusable. Then, we all know what happened to 2020 and 2021! And now it would seem that profit and noise limit bureaucracy have conspired to close us down for good.

Having lost Dave in 2019, it was cruel to be dealt a second blow in 2021, when we lost long-time 'Master-Cone-Dragger' and Top Gear circuit marshaling stalwart, Adrian Fenwick, bizarrely to the same esophageal cancer that also felled Dave.   

The list of club people and and supply partners that have made this event happen over the last 18 years is way too long for this post, but I would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to you all and I derive huge satisfaction from knowing how many smiles we have put on so many faces over the years.

So, it's adieu from me and who knows, one day, I may see you on a runway.....

God bless you gents and may you both rest in peace....

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Both of them are sorely missed.  The Dunsfold Handling Days (and similar events at Brooklands) were some of my first introductions to Club-organised events and will always have a very special meaning.

Michael Calvert

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Brilliant days, went with my son back in 2013, he still talks about it. So much work, so many cones, a fair amount of gentle abuse, 0 to 60 timers that couldn't record just how fast my car was, thank you all very much.


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Steve, I went to several of the Dunsfold days over the years and also worked on the BAe Hawks there. So very sad on a number of fronts.