Djokovic - Australian Open Medical Exempetion

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Djokovic - Australian Open Medical Exempetion

Does anyone else think this seems like a bit of an own goal? 

For those that haven't seen it, more information here

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Novaxx Djokovic?


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Graham King
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I agree, I think it shows poor judgement on behalf of the Aus authorities, Djokovic has stated on a number of occasions that he is uncomfortable with getting vaccinated, that, along with everyone else is his right and a matter for him alone, however he made that decision in full knowledge of the consequences. I can't blame him for trying to get an exemption, why wouldn't he, he wants to a) defend his title and b) beat Federer's record for Grand Slams, but the message it sends to others is that if you're important enough you can find a way round the rules. I saw Jamie Murray interviewed last night, his view was that it was unlikely that he would have received the same exemption; I suspect he's right. We'll never know on what grounds the exemption was granted but I suspect a recent dose of Covid is the most likely. 

Harry Flatters
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Difficult to comment without knowing the grounds for exemption, but if he's suffering from any of the 'listed' medical conditions, perhaps he shouldn't be playing tennis anyway. That said, it does feel a bit like an expedient FIA-type (Spa) decision to me.

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Aus Border Force may prevent him from entering the country anyway. Decision by tennis authorities and Victoria govt doesn't affect border policies says home affairs minister.

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He's bringing the sport into disrepute and yes - scoring a massive own goal. He always whinges about not getting the same love and respect that the other two greats do but this will seal his fate with a lot more fans. He should have said a long time ago what his status was and not caused all the fuss. If he doesn't want the vaccine - he should respect those that have taken it (and therefore allowed the tournament to take place) and stay away.

He may be using a rule that says if he has had covid in the recent past he can't now have the vaccine for a while - but its quite easy to say "I've had covid" isn't it?

This is the guy that decided to support a tournament in the Balkans during the early stages of the pandemic with no proper covid protocols in place, went out dancing a a nightclub and caught and spread covid around other players and staff.

The guy is a complete idiot. Hopefully the Australian government will step in and do the right thing now.

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If he has a good exemption reason then he needs to chuffing well say what it is. AUS need to send him home or there will be a riot. 

Dave Hardcastle
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Reading the article in the OP link, it sounds as though he is claiming a medical exemption. Why do the announcing authorities have to wait for him to arrive in Australia to ensure it is a valid exemption? So easy to check the claim online. Sounds a lot like special treatment to me, and wrong.

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Australian border guards are unsurprisingly harder to convince than tennis tournament organisers Wink

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He's made his choice so needs to suffer the consequences.

Good job its not the French open - Macron made his views crystal clear on those not partaking in the vaccine program!

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It's the 21st he is now pursuing, at all costs, apparently, after failing the "Season Grand (and Golden) Slam".

Cracking player... Poor attitude. And many still ask why he is looked down in comprison to others.

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