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Thanks again, 

Tom, I will post some photos after Christmas as I am away from the garage and my set up. I will post photos as I have them now and then when I decide which set up to go for - hedging towards the Cardo ones I think.

should be an easy job again to open up the plethora and change over the system.

No idea what to write here??!!!

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When I had bikes the group I rode with used Sena and didn't get on with them. We swapped to cardo paktalk bold and they were a massive improvement. 
I've looked at the 'edge' which is the updated 'bold' and was going to fit them to a set of Peltors. 
my thinking behind it was I can use them normal road driving for passenger/driver, car/car communication and when I do a trackday, I could give the instructor a unit and he could hold the boom mic inside his helmet to give me instruction (you could give him the speakers too but he wouldn't necessarily need to hear what I'm saying)

I'm not sure how nicely you could integrate them in to ear defenders though. Don't think they would look as tidy as the JAL ones. 

Regards, doggydog 




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Peltor Optime III give great noise insulation and room for speakers and mic boom inside. Optime I yellow are hopeless, as the cups are way too shallow. Best of all is the newer model X5A which is easier to take apart without the internal plastic shell of the III.

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I think these have only just come out, looks like they do everything required; good noise protection, Bluetooth for music and for communication to other head sets, but why are these things so expensive!




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Hi Stu

It's two cables if you want to talk to a passenger and use a radio at the same time. For me personally it's normally one or the other. The cable for the radio comes with the headset (you can pay extra for a detachable cable). 

I don't know about the intercom you said. What I've tried is the sony xm3 which didn't work well in the car at all and the JAL headsets. When I was doing my research the other options I found were wired into the car which I didn't want. There are other options that I've not tried. I was just trying to be helpful as the JAL headsets do all what the original poster wanted I thought.



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I found a pair for £280 each. Looks like they were launched March this year, hopefully will do a great job. I will keep the group updated. 

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#16. Thanks James. They look great quality and looking at the details on the JAL website, it would appear that if you have two Bluetooth headsets you can have wireless comms but you need to use the button to talk in the same way you use a car to car radio, I guess this is to help increase battery life.


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We've got the JAL set up; Bluetooth for driver and non-Bluetooth for passenger with a cable connecting the two. And another cable if I'm using the radio.

You can change the settings so that you can speak to each other without needing to press the talk button - which is handy at times. This setting uses up the battery quicker (although battery life is normally good) and you get a little bit of background noise from the microphones (which I don't really find much of an issue as I keep the volume a bit lower and can still hear the passenger's words of wisdom).


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Anyone thought about using these?

Stihl Advanced Procom

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