Round trip around France

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Round trip around France

Does anyone have a plan for a tour from north to south,  down west and up east or vicer versa?

may try to catch up with club colleagues in France?

how long should I plan it for?



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It is a huge country. Takes several days to drive east to west or north to south. Can be phenomenally hot in summer.

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Hi Gavin,

I am currently away on holiday without access to the relevant info, but on my return over the weekend I will endeavour to dig out the north to south route ( and return) that my wife and I did back in 2014 in our Porsche Boxster.

Effectively it was Calais down to Nice and then return via Italian/French Alps and Chamonix to Calais. In two weeks.

Will let you know


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The Route Des Grandes Alpes is good. Sign posted and takes in many of the high passes.


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+1 for Route Des Grandes Alpes. Along the Pyrenees I'd drop into spain, the N260 is excellent pretty much anywhere, Ripoll to Urtx must be one of the most "Caterham" roads anywhere in the world. Just unremitting mile after mile of technical bends!


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Another vote for the Route des Grandes Alpes, I did it last year; it is stunning and ideal for a Caterham. The only problem was that I did it during the transhumance, which is when they bring the cows down from the alpine meadows for the winter. There were slight hold ups as they wandered along the roads, but the worst was that the roads where they had passed were covered in cow dung. I'll remember the gentle plop, plop of the sound of cow dung hitting the rear wings and it took a while to jet wash off the 2cm or so thickness of the stuff. Although aimed at cyclists, I found this website good 

Others may disagree, but for a Caterham, I thought that the Route Napoleon was not really worth it.