On Sprints and hillclimbs there are always two types of Steward, an MSA Steward and two Club Stewards.

The main duty of the MSA Steward is to see ‘fair play’ and to ensure that the event is being run in a safe manner. The Chief Steward at the event is appointed by the MSA, whilst two Club Stewards are appointed by the organising club.

The Stewards of the Meeting act as the second judicial body at any event, and are responsible for hearing and adjudicating upon any appeal against a decision by the Clerk of the Course or other official.

As a Senior Official, the MSA Steward must be at least 18 years of age. They should be thoroughly experienced in motor sport and of those appointed by the organising club, at least one should be a person whose motor sporting activity is not confined to that club alone and who is not an Official of that club.

The Stewards have no other duties in connection with the organisation of a meeting and are responsible only to the MSA but only act through the Clerk of the Course.

To enable our events to operate a number of club members volunteer to act as Stewards on behalf of the club.