Rockingham International Super Sports

Class 1

Richard Abraham

Class 2

Rob Clay

Class 3

Dan Malkin

Class 4

Justin Dobson

Class 5

Chris Alston

Class 6

Shaun Elwell

Class 7

Simon Rogers

Historical Results

Rockingham Course length starting after the School Pit Lane Exit on the School Straight is 1.6 miles consisting of a tarmac surface 12-18m wide on the International Super Sportscar Circuit and finish mid-point between Gracelands and Tarzan Corners. Cars return to the Paddock via School Pit Lane Entry

Start LineThe sprint uses the Club Pit Exit, off the line and a short uphill run to the 1st Chicane.
ChicaneTurn in left clipping the painted kerb on the left for the first Apex, (caution can be slippery when wet). Aim to keep as straight as you can past the second  Apex  on the right to the final apex on the left, keeping tight on the corner and drift out building speed along the Pit Straight
Pit StraightFoot to the floor as you power down the Pit Straight keeping right to enter the Oval
OvalDon't Take the Pit Chicane, but keep to the right on the main circuit and follow a traditional racing line apexing at the end of the grass strip without crossing the track line, balancing power and grip, drifting across the track has you head down to Deene.
DeeneThe approach is slightly downhill and whilst the corner appears to be a double header, the quickest line is probably a late entry missing the 1st apex by 1m, before clipping the edge of the 2nd apex and drifting out under power before arching back to the left of the track to prepare for Yentwood
YentwoodHeavy Braking isn't required but a light brake after the 100 board to transfer the weight. It's easy to be tempted to throw the car into the bend, but the sharp exit needs a clean run through the corner so it's back to simplicity, a smooth turn in and back on the power, ending up left ready for Chapman
ChapmanThis appears tight on the map but in real terms a medium quick corner which needs only the minimum of braking,. Entry is key to ensure a smooth corner, start the turn in as soon as the apex kerb is visible, holding a long apex mid kerb trying not to drift to far right on the exit, coming back right for Short Link.
Short Linkuse the marshall hut as your reference for the turn point. making a tight early apex as you aiming for the edge of the track just after the exit for PifPaf. for a long smooth left hander keeping a long wide line to gain exit speed down steele straight before ending up at the 100 board for Gracelands
GracelandsTurning in as the outside of the corner starts turning in, heading of the corner crest, apexing at the end of the curb,
FinishPower out of the corner and over the line to finish and wind down before heading back into the pits.