Electronic low flying?

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I'll add my two penn'orth - because I can. Smile

Electronic copies are only really readable on a tablet - they are, IMO, just rubbish on a PC. Flipping book, issuu, etc. work best in portrait mode and every implementation I've tried on a PC has just annoyed me - having to zoom in and out to make it readable. That said, when I used to get the pdf copy of LF, I always read it on my iPad and was very happy with that.

If we provided a basic pdf copy, you can guarantee it would be widely shared on public on-line platforms as soon as it came out. It can be argued that this would devalue membership since LF is one of our "crown jewels". This may or may not be the case but it was the decision of past management teams.

To implement a more secure electronic magazine (as in protected from unwanted distribution), you need to use an on-line publishing platform and these cost money both in the cost of the platform and the, admittedly fairly small, amount of work to publish on said platform. Club members would need to register and then sign in on this platform to read the magazine. Single sign-on (using the club website login) would likely be prohibitively expensive to set-up. Bearing in mind what I think of reading on a PC, I think that only those with a tablet would likely read the e-magazine.

In case some of us are thinking about the planet Hippy , electronic magazines aren't as green as you would think. The data-centres that host them and all the "downloaded" copies do use a significant amount of energy - most of it fossil fueled!

I'm not particularly against having an electronic version but there will be additional costs for the club and I expect not that many members would read it.

BTW I work in IT and consider myself a "digital" person so don't lump me in with the Luddites Tongue

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#22, just to be a little provocative here, I wouldn't describe LF as the crown jewels. I joined the club before I found my Seven simply to get posting access to BlatChat, that's all. It's the forum that has the treasure trove of information that helps owners if they have a problem with their Seven, not a monthly club magazine.

As a way of marketing the club, LF could/should be a great shop window to encourage prospective members to join up, so putting the content behind a paywall (digital or physical) is missing a trick IMO. LF should be earning its keep as a marketing tool as well as a club magazine in my view, and a digital format gives far bigger reach to achieve this.

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This conversation seems a bit odd to me, when you conceder that we drive a 65 year old car.

Why do we love our 7's ?

For much the same reasons I like having a physical magazine.

I don't NEED a 7 and I don't NEED a magazine

But as someone once said man does not live by bread alone

PS. I am a member of another club that has a no electronic devices rule in the clubhouse and garden.

As the years go by and our public and private world is dominated by digital devices, it becomes more and more obvious how precious a technology free social space is and the club becomes ever more special for it.

Perhaps the same is true of our outdated cars and our antiquated physical magazine.

PPS. I am not a Luddite and definitely don't want to live in a museum or theme park, but I do think we should consider very carefully the value of of things and not just the price,  convenience or trend.

Oscar sort of said that!!

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This debate has been going on for years in the medical journal world. The college of anaesthetists went electronic with a small summary journal which was a taster for the main on line content. This was unpopular and a return to the full fat journal occurred. The debate still goes on and most are available both in print and on line.Improved resolution for screens on phones and tablets has made it easier.  An advantage of an on line publication are  the links can be put in to take you to other on line content - not sure if this would be appropriate for low flying.

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I read Lowflying in the bath and being of a certain age I tend to doze off occasionally. Enough said!


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The paper magazine is one of the only reasons I renew my subscription and if it went digital only then I'd probably not bother with being a member.

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#27 that's interesting and it's probably at the root of the problem if it's the main reason why people pay the subscription!

It's a shame though that the value of the club is so predicated on the existence of the paper mag.

But for me it's just my personal preference (obvs).

Presumably I could just opt out of recieving it?

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Graham:- there are many reasons for joining or remaining in the Club. Events, discounts, camaraderie, support. 

As a long standing & experienced member, you have built up the contacts, but for newer owners these things are far more valuable.


Democratic dissent is not disloyalty, it is a positive civic duty

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A Dorset magazine is 'published' every month in digital format and I actually find it very easy to read on a PC. If you want to get an idea of what it is like to read then try this: https://bit.ly/BVlatest 

I'm not saying that this is the way to go but it is one option for many of the reasons previously mentioned in this thread.

However, I, like many others, do like to sit down and read the printed version!  Thumb Up 


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I'm all for retaining the hardcopy and look forward to it dropping through the door every month but at the same time recognise the desire for an online version which can be read wherever you are.

Maybe both could be made available but ask members in a year or so what they actually ended up reading the most and take it from there.