S3 short end allen key for gearbox filler plug

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I cannot visualise this - have you got a pic or sketch to show what you have done?

On my car with original 5sp sierra box and now 6sp caterham box I've never had any difficulty with the fill plug. I always go under the car from the opposite side to the plug so your fingers naturally bend towards the plug. Plug between both index fingers and push one up / one down to turn the plug.

I have a cut down allen key to 'crack' it undone then use above method to remove. I sometimes add a bit of steel tube over allen key to add leverage and get my knuckles away from anything sharp! 

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#12 That's basically what I do but with the cut off Allan key, 10mm spanner (or is it 3/8", I forget) on it and a tube over that to crack. Then a couple of turns with the spanner and the Allen key can be removed and the plug taken out by hand. 

I can see the risk of screwing out until hitting the chassis panel and being stuck but never had that issue. I'm pretty sure the plug would be out before my bit of Allen key hit the panel. 

I have an SV though, maybe it's a touch wider there? 

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And perhaps not all lengths of key are created equal!

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This had been a very useful set for those tight fitting spaces. Purchased from Halfords many years ago but not sure if it's still available?

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I've got the same #15

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I have a set of drain plug keys and one just about fits but it is very tight. SV chassis and five speed Sierra gearbox.

I would not recommend using any form of ratchet unless you are sure you will not trap it in the reducing space.

I have never seen a bulk buy of cut down Allen keys.

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It's not hard to cut an Allen key with a Dremel.

Following this thread I've bought an extra long 10mm double ended ring. Ratchet at one end plain the other. 292mm long.

I've cut a piece off a 10mm Allen key, after grinding the end down to .375" hex so now I can use the same long spanner on both the drain and fill. (6 speed)

I started the job just to see if I could grind down the hex accurately enough by hand and it was fairly easy, you're only taking 0.25mm off each flat, and it fits the socket very well. 

I'm aware of the trapping risk but my intention is to make the stepped Allen key short enough to eliminate that risk.  (Or be very careful!)

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Basic, low rent but works a treat.


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All of the above suggestions work except the hole in the tunnel side, I've got a diagonal frame that just obscures the drain plug.

I use the spanner and cut down 10mm hex key BUT also put a bit of gaffer tape over the hex bit and press it into the ring before cracking the drain plug. That way you don't have to get out from under the car to look for something with flat sides that falls out and rolls for yards to the other side of the garage.

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Whats the best method for getting the oil in without dripping it on the seats and carpet? 

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