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Pete merritt
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Blue exhaust smoke

My 1991 xflow puffs blue smoke when started hot. I live in Bournemouth and suspect there’s engine work to be done. Any advice and recommendations greatly appreciated.

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Pete - worth doing an oil change to something like a Millers 20/50 Pistoneeze? Won't fix anything mechanical but might at least put off the expense for a while...

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Do they have valve guide oil seals?

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Or even Millers 20/60, it reduced the smoke at start up on my twin cam, putting off the new valve guides for a bit.

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The original valve seals are junk. Burton Power has better seals and they are easy to change once the cylinder head is off. There are two sizes and Burton can help you figure out which size is the right one for you.

A compression and leak down test should be done first.

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If bore wear is not too bad we used to fit 2.5 or 5 thou oversized pistons. They were lapped in upside down with a handled flat steel attached to gudgeon pin.  Engine In situ .We used Ajax and oil. The engine was quite tight on startup but if they were run at intervals carefully on idle till they freed up a little they were cracking engines and lasted.


what mileage has the engine done.

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