A Year in the life of a Comp Sec.

So i thought i'd try and document a year in the life of the comp sec, 

Normally when theres a changeover theres a transition period of a couple of months before the official handover, this year for one reason and another I wasn't accepted into the post until 18th December so that the transition has been a bit fast tracked, but as i've been involved in the regulations committee things didn't come as too much of a shock. 

So following on from Pauls successful voting at the tech forum, a cross section of the championship have been working on the changes to the regulations incorporating the decisions of the competitors with the needs of the MSA, after 7 weeks we've finally come to a point where the regulations can be submitted to the MSA for approval.

Officially I became comp sec on the 1st January, but In the background i've booked the ESV for both Curboroughs, the Oyster Catcher for October, confirmed the Championship Stewards and Eligibility Scruitineer, filled various mandatory posts for both Curboroughs, and drafted out the supplemental regulations for Curborough.

 Sunday 10th got together with Paul to had across the tips & tricks, as well as the box of files & spare trophies as well as taking ownership of both the email account and blatchat profile.

So what next..... 



Hi Chris,

         So glad your settling in, any news on class three tyres ref gentlemans agreement for control tyre? or expected timing of announcement?Sorry to be a pain but wanting to sort tyres.



If wehave not had a response from the MSA by the 14th Feb we will be publishing & submitting the regulations with 1B only tyres in 3-5,

if we have a response prior to this then we will advise accordingly

Andy Skinner - Competition Secretary   Northampton Motorsport Caterham & Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship