Year 2000 Academy Sprint Vauxhall 1.6 8v Clutch

Can anybody help? This is my first blog as a new member. I have a year 2000 Caterham Academy Sprint with 1.6 8v Vauxhall engine and 5 speed gearbox (I think this is a Ford box). It was originally built for the Caterham Academy track series but is now a road going car. I am about to change the clutch, does anybody know what type and where to get one pre me splitting the unit? Chris at Redline doesn't do clutch kits. Caterham have told me it would have had an AP Racing clutch which are no longer available but Helix do have a kit but they and I have no idea which one it would be!

Has anybody had any experience of this situation? Thanks


Its definitely a Ford Sierra gear box - may be its a Ford Sierra clutch?

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