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Matthew Willoughby 5th Mar 2011 - 17:31

It’s about time I updated this blog as my posts fizzled out after MIRA.  So here’s the first of several updates.


Matthew Willoughby 31st May 2010 - 15:17

After the joys of Goodwood it was on to the rather less impressive surroundings of Curborough and MIRA.


Matthew Willoughby 27th Apr 2010 - 19:26

Matthew Willoughby 21st Apr 2010 - 09:50

Well, the car is back in one piece and I'm chuffed to bits with it.  All of the rusty bits have gone, the numerous little dings have disappeared and the Dodge Viper Blue paintwork is fantastic.

Before and after pics are below:

Matthew Willoughby 7th Apr 2010 - 18:52

I seem to have left it very late but what was originally due to be a spring check-over seems to have turned into a mini-rebuild!


Matthew Willoughby 7th Mar 2010 - 21:36

Back to Curborough.  I had a rubbish day there in May and was determined to have a better one in the new, quicker, car this time around.  The day didn’t start well when the car wouldn’t start.  The problem was traced to a melted (literally) ECU fuse.  At least once the problem was diagnosed it wa

Matthew Willoughby 7th Mar 2010 - 20:29

I just realised that I haven’t updated this for some considerable time, since Curborough in May in fact.  Time for an update – a lot has happened.