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700newtons 15th Jul 2018 - 10:35

We are recently back from a very good trip to the Outer Hebrides. The area offers an excellent tour for small groups of Sevens. We had excellent sunny weather, which made for a very pleasant trip.

700newtons 25th Sep 2017 - 21:57

In the spring of 2017 I noticed that my turbo was making a slightly unusual noise, but I thought nothing much of it (it went away). 

700newtons 22nd Aug 2017 - 20:00

Our Visit to Ireland August 2017

700newtons 10th Jul 2015 - 22:07

We have just come back from a lovely Scottish trip. My 160, in its infancy, has now travelled the complete length of the UK.

700newtons 18th Jun 2015 - 20:06

I thought that I would finish off my build blog with a summary of things I would do differently. To be honest there was not too much.

700newtons 30th May 2015 - 21:35

Maybe the best orange car in the world...

700newtons 11th Apr 2015 - 23:59

I asked Dave from Premier Paint Guard to install a protective covering on my rear wings (and he now has a template for the 160).

700newtons 14th Mar 2015 - 22:58

I made a start on the weather gear today.