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Andrew Willoughby 13th Apr 2011 - 18:47
It’s mid-April and I’m about to start the 2011 Autoglym Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship.
Andrew Willoughby 29th Nov 2009 - 20:23

Class 1 Dad is now Class 1 Grandad.  Our grandson, Thomas Alexander Jeffery, the son of our younger daughter Rachel and her husband, Viv Jeffery, was born at 6.45 pm on Friday 27 November.  He was 7lb 10oz at birth and he and his Mum are doing fine.


Andrew Willoughby 20th Oct 2009 - 17:58

I’d never intended going to Anglesey, but as my slender lead in Class 1 was so under threat from Nick Chan and Alistair Gibbins I just had to go!  Class 1 was the only one still to be decided, so it was arranged that we should run last so that our colleagues in the other classes could watch the u

Andrew Willoughby 17th Sep 2009 - 21:04

Where has all the time gone?  It’s now mid-September and I’ve not posted since Loton.  Curborough 2 went well and I just managed to get the win with Nick and Alistair close behind.  I was lucky with the weather this time and wasn’t too sorry to see rain approaching after a really good time in my

Andrew Willoughby 27th Aug 2009 - 22:21

Another lovely venue – this time Loton Park in Alberbury, Shropshire, and this was my third time competing there.

Andrew Willoughby 8th Aug 2009 - 19:17

Those who say ‘it’s grim up north’ should visit Harewood Hillclimb.  Looking over the course from the paddock with the Wharfe valley as a backdrop is one of the most stunning views in motorsport.

Andrew Willoughby 5th Jul 2009 - 12:37

One of the great things about sprinting has been the opportunity to visit wonderful places, and the Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb is one of them. Starting in 1905 it is the oldest motorsport venue in the world still in continuous use.

Andrew Willoughby 29th May 2009 - 22:20

After last weekend’s drenching at Curborough I’d been hoping all week for fine weather at MIRA.  I wasn’t disappointed - it was a lovely day.