Lotus Sevens Day Out, the Phoenix on the 15th

Thanks to a bright sunny day and a great venue, around 20 Lotus Sevens met for the inaugural meeting of the Heritage owners at the Phoenix.  Dave brought the ESV, and Andy Webber brought a team of ReHabbers to help set up.  Many thanks to all.  There was a good selection of all types of Lotus from 1957 to 1973, club members and guests, plus about another 20 Caterhams of members who came to have a look and have a blat.  The editor of that esteemed publication, Low Flying, came along so hopefully Michael got some good pics for the next edition.

Its been said that there are about 30+ Lotus owned by club members but I’m thinking there must be more than that.  My mailing list now stands at about 27 and I’m sure there are a lot more members out there.  If you know of Lotus Sevens please ask their owners to get in touch if they haven’t already, at heritage@lotus7.club.   I’m sure there will be another meeting next year, venue to be decided, and hopefully with greater numbers.  Thanks again to all.   [Clap]