Lotus Seven Club supports Prostate Cancer Research // Mens Health Week 2021

The video in this post is a bit of a different one. 

As many will know The Club chose to go with Prostate Cancer Research as the Club's supported charity for 2021. Stephen Hubbard (Golf Juliet Tango) came up with a great tag-line slogan and image for the start of our work with PCR - a stylized image of a 6 point racing harness and the tag-line "Gentlemen, is everything ok under the buckle?". A really imaginative combination of the Prostate checks we know we all should have, and the daily reality of many Seven owners, buckling up to enjoy our driving.

So, as a way of promoting the new imagery, and slogan, and to promote the charity during Men's Health Week 2021, I decided to have a go at turning Stephen's work into a video animation.

If you watch the video you can see that I animated each of the harness straps, added sound-effects of the buckles clicking together and added a tongue in cheek "race starter's" voice-over of the slogan.

The animation was created by chopping up Stephen's original image in Pixelmator Pro into various pieces, which were then animated in Apple Motion 5 and imported into Final Cut Pro X to add the sound and additional graphics. The thumbnail was created in Pixelmator Pro. All in all that was probably about 15 hours of work to create a 22 second video!! Rofl