An introduction to the Lotus Seven Club Castle Combe 2021 Track Day

Another catchup blog post here...

One of the tasks we set ourselves in 2021 was to create some intro videos for people doing Track Days with the club. The first of these videos was the Novices Track Day at Castle Combe.

From my blog:

When I joined the Lotus Seven Club leadership team as Social Video lead, one of the tasks I took on was to create introduction videos for the club’s Track Day program.

Each year the Lotus Seven Club puts on 8 to 10 track days around various circuits in the UK. There’s a mixture of novices and experienced drivers with almost all feedback being extremely positive. These track days give a great place to meet people who share an interest (passion?) in driving Caterhams and Lotus 7’s quickly, and are a great way to experience the speed and exhilaration of driving a Seven without breaking any speed limits.

As part of that ongoing legacy of great track days, each year the Club gets an intake of novices wanting to have a go at track days, along with lots of experienced track day’ers as well. And to make it as trouble free as possible for a novice to get onto a track, we wanted to try and break the ice for the newbies by telling them all about track days and the circuits with a series of videos. 

Attending your first track day can be quite intimidating for some and showing people what to expect when they turn up along with details about the track is a real ice breaker. And somehow showing people a video does so much more than words or pictures by themselves.

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