Introduction to The Lotus Seven Club 2021 Cadwell Park Track Day

Yet another catchup post.

As mentioned before, one of the tasks we set ourselves in 2021 was to create some intro videos for people doing Track Days with the club. The second of these videos was the Track Day at Cadwell Park.

Here's the intro I wrote on my blog:

Aaaannnddd… Here’s another quick behind the scenes post about making my second Lotus Seven Club track day introduction video.

If you want some background on what this is all about then this post has it all ( 2021 Castle Combe Track Day INTRO – Lotus Seven Club YouTube Video ), and so I won’t repeat myself here.

Suffice to say, this post is about the Cadwell Park 2021 Track Day. This track day differed from the Castle Combe day posted before, in that it wasn’t set up with a focus for novices. The club still provides instructors on these days, but there’s not the same initial briefing session in the morning that’s dedicated to novices, nor is there quite as much hand holding.

Having said that, Simon Maitland spends many hours talking to people who are attending track days by phone and via email, and is always more than happy to help anyone with whatever level of question they have.

.For the full post see my blog here.