Christmas 2021 // Sign up to be a Caterham and Lotus Seven Club member

So, I'd been hoping to get a promotional video together for the Club all through 2021 but hadn't quite got my act together. However, during one of our Media Team's monthly Zoom calls we thought it would be a cool idea to try and get a Christmas promo video together and see if we could attract a few more people to join the club. The video was going to be aimed at Facebook, Instagram and YouTube (but mainly the first two). That meant the video had to really hard hitting, quick paced and less than a minute (more on that below).

The Blatchat post about this video can be found here.

I'd got quite a lot of footage from the Speed Champs video and from some of the drone footage that was taken from the 2021 Fish and Chip Run. I'd also had a standing request out for more Club video footage and that had got us some great footage from Chris Bates (Skyhook Video). Chris's shots are of the Bristol and Bath summer BBQ in 2019 and the Gaydon national event. The drone shot on the Fish and Chip run is from Mark (Blatchat username: mph).

Hopefully the video conveys the diverse activities that Club members get up to. It should also be a good starting point for a slightly longer-form version of the video for a full Club promotional video.

As I sit and write this today (27/12/2021) the video has had the following interactions on social media:

  • Facebook - Reach: 5314, Post Engagements: 226, Reactions: 28, Comments: 2, Shares: 4, Impressions: 5801
  • Instagram - Reach: 252, Likes: 19
  • YouTube - Views: 391, Likes: 14
  • BlatChat - Posts: 17, Thread Views: 649

In terms of whether it actually created any new Club members, the jury is still out and we'll have to wait and see what the data shows us in a few weeks.

The tech used to create the video was as follows:

  • Apple Final Cut Pro (Video editing, music, titles etc)
  • Apple Motion (Motion Graphics, lower 3rds)
  • iZotope RX9 (Audio repair)
  • Pixelmator Pro (Thumbnails, stills, logos etc)
  • MotionVFX (a few plugins for Social Media graphics, intro animations, the Christmas animations were a MotionVFX plugin)

In terms of the overall time spent making this video... it was probably around 15 hours.

Things I'd do differently:

  • Firstly, get your timing right. I hadn't appreciated that Instagram has a hard limit of 60 seconds for video uploads. The facebook and YouTube uploads are 71 seconds. It was only when I went to upload the video to Instagram that I found it was too long and needed to be 60s max. I had to chop 11 seconds out of the video - and at only just over a minute that's quite a lot. I'll leave it up to you viewers to find the deleted sections :-)