Car cutting out when cold

I have just bought my first caterham a week or so ago, a 420R, and I have found that it keeps cutting out when cold. With being new to caterhams I don't know what could be the cause so any advice would be great. The car basically struggles to idle when started. This lasts for about 10 minutes until it's warmed up. I have to heal and toe to keep the Revs on while it's warming up. I'm going to call the dealership I bought it from tomorrow but thought I would ask on here as well. 


Hi Rich - sorry to hear of your woes and I hope you;ve had some positive support from your dealer.  To get a more rapid technical response from the Club community, I;d suggest posting on the Techtalk forum which is much more frequently looked at than the blogs.

Best of luck!

Michael Calvert

Lowflying Editor (

Hi Rich,

Firstly well done on your choice of a Caterham.  I am pretty new to this as well, having only bought my 360R approx 12 months ago.

I agree with Michael get onto Blatchat Techtalk, there is a lot of great info and this discussion has popped up a lot.  

I had the 420 cams etc. added to my 360 in Feb this year, and the lumpiness is not that unusual (whether that right ot acceptable or not is another thing) until the engine was warmed up.

There are a number of points on blat chat that will point you in a certain direction or directions, but i felt that my engine couldn't breath properly until it had warmed up.  I added a KN filter (420 race version) at approx £55 and a decat pipe approx £260 and the difference was immediately noticable and the car sits at 1000 rpm cold, warm or hot.  The engine can get more air into the inlet and exhaust more via the outlet.  The added benefit is the sound both induction and exhaust seem better to me (subjective of course).

Good luck