NWales AR 28th May 2021 - 12:03

The new normal returns, so our June meet is an opportunity to drive to the Faenol Fawr Hotel, Bodelwyddan, LL18 5UN, for a noggin and a natter in the historic surroundings of this popular venue.

Kelly959 7th May 2021 - 23:53

Looking to change my 160 wheels for some alloys. Not wanting to go much if any bigger just not a fan of the steels. 
It would seem that the size is unusual as is the 4x100 PCD. 
Any suggestions for a source of wheels or ideas greatfully received. 

SteveG21 12th Apr 2021 - 14:00

Hello all,

Looking to buy my first Caterham from their used stock.

More to the point is there any point negotiating on price as with other car dealerships, not dealt with them before.

No harm trying obviously but any experiences/ good advice would be appreciated.

sp16 6th Apr 2021 - 14:15

Currently running 14" wheels and have narrowed down tyre options to either R888r's or NS2R's at 185/60/14.

Whats the general consensus of opinion?




Alexander Gurr 1st Mar 2021 - 13:50

Link to my blog detail the buying and build process of my 2012 Caterham academy car, then the subsequent adventures through the Academy and Raodsport series:

London West AR 11th Jan 2021 - 03:49

We’re all going on a Summer Holiday

And a spring break too

Planning your holidays?…. browsing the brochures? Bet you are.

Sooner go out in the Seven?  Of course you would, and you can with the help of the new events team.

rs2ph 4th Jan 2021 - 09:55

Have one used 175/55/R13 with 2.6/3.7/3.2mm tread across and one used 205/55/R13 with 4.8/2.8/3.8mm tread across just taken off my caterham... £20 each for collection, Basingstoke area.