2022-10-11 EV SIG Meeting Notes

October 2022 EV SIG Meeting


  • Introductions by new attendees
  • What’s new in the EV world
  • Thoughts on Caterham’s plans for EV
  • Seven Conversions
  • AOB


  • John
  • Dan
  • Garry
  • Jonathan
  • Stuart
  • Andrew

People Introductions

  • John Martin -
    • Electronics Graduate
    • 35 years doing software and hardware product development
    • 30 years own company
    • EV ID3
    • 5kW solar and Tesla battery
  • Dan
    • Healthcare professional
    • Recently bought R500
    • Interested in where EVs are going
  • Jonathan
    • 1800K built 20 years ago
    • Collecting every known 7 wiring diagram and these are new wiring diagrams
    • What would chapman be producing now
    • Torque vectoring, tuning
    • Heat recovering
  • Garry
    • Teenage years working on cars
    • Wiring dark art
    • Built Caterham from kit 10 years ago
    • House has solar
    • Peugeot 2008 EV
    • Tesla 3 on order
  • Stu
    • Car nut all life
    • Tesla Model 3 for 2.5 years, 60k miles
    • How far does it go on a charge is irrelevant
  • Andrew
    • Software back ground
    • Looked at EV 25 years ago then gone off boil
    • Driven electric karts which are more fun than ICE karts
    • 25+ years since owning a 7 but looking to get one

Other Seven Projects

  • Netherlands
    • ??
  • French driving school
    • http://e-motors-academy.fr
  • Sheffield Uni
    • https://www.amrc.co.uk/news/return-of-the-mach

JM relayed points from his discussion with Bob Laishley at Beaulieu

  • Caterham could do what I’m proposing to do tomorrow (JM agreed)
  • But Caterham needs to have a car that has at least some credibility on a track, no good as just a Sunday car as the first thing journalists would want to do is take it to a track. Then they’d report that it overheated and ran out of juice in 15 minutes.
  • Therefore, CC are watching but waiting for battery technology to get to the point where there’s a viable Caterham offering

Decided to go with following communications:

  • Monthly meetings
  • JM to put notes/minutes up on a CL7C Blog
  • JM is blogging at Purplemeanie.co.uk
  • JM will post to BC when there’s a new blog post on Purplemeanie.co.uk

JM went through some of the draft of his design presentation for remaining 35 minutes.