Yorkshire, South & Derbyshire, North (YoSDeNS)

Please forgive the convoluted area name, whose origins are down the bottom of the page if you *really* want to know.


We meet on the 7th of each month. There's normally someone there from around 7pm, roughly; if not we won't be far behind. If you've not been to a meeting recently, please consider coming along - we're a friendly bunch!  The venue is currently 'fluid' - get in touch to find out the location.


We welcome visits from other areas; if you're planning to drop in en masse it's best to contact us and confirm first, just in case the pub is being rebuilt or the like.

We also try to run some Sunday morning blats during BST months (April-October), setting off early (8am, ish) from a roving departure point. These are very much weather- and time-dependent with notifications going out via the area email list - if you don't live in the area but wish to join the mailing list please email syorks@lotus7.club with your membership number and we can add you.

Additionally we'll do a few ad-hoc longer weekend blats through the spring and summer, plus a number of "Gatecrash" blats where we'll spend a weekday exploring another area, before visiting that area's monthly meeting in the evening. If you've ever sat in the office on a glorious summer day wishing you were "somewhere else", this is a fantastic excuse to take a day off and *be* "somewhere else" for once!

We're happy to see any club members, prospective members, etc, and their partners/children/interested friends, from wherever. The conversation often involves 7s and other cars, of course, but it's not all gear ratios and spanners. It's not all boys, either, and we have a good mix of attendees each month, in terms of ages, experience, length of 7 ownership, technical knowledge and how people prefer to enjoy their cars.

Many of our now-regulars first arrived when they were "just thinking about" owning a 7; obviously we've never attempted to talk anyone off that particular slippery slope of inevitability...


To get in touch:
Email: syorks@lotus7.club (email for preference, it leaves a written record that we can't forget!)
Phone: 07718393492

To stay in touch:
To be added to our L7C area mailing list, please email us as above with your full name and membership number and we will add you to the list.

Also, if you happen to be on Facebook, we have a group (thanks Chris B for setting this up), at:
Membership of the Facebook group is via moderated acceptance only for reasons of privacy, but area members are welcome to ask to join. Please note that if you're not yet a club member you're unlikely to be accepted to the group.

Thinking of visiting the region?

You may find some of these links to safety camera locations useful:

The above information is provided entirely "as is" at time of writing and is not guaranteed to be accurate. Links provided purely to help identify the statistically "more dangerous" stretches of road in each county as you may wish to avoid these. There is no information here that the various police forces and camera partnerships don't publicise already and that you therefore couldn't find from Google. Please drive safely, according to the prevailing laws and road conditions and with due respect for other road users at all times.

Still reading? Gosh...

The origins of YoSDeNS: Formerly "just" 'Yorkshire, South', our meeting venue being a pub in North Derbyshire had led to the occasional light-hearted comment.

Given many of our regulars are also Derbyshire residents, the extended area description seemed to be a better choice in terms of reflecting our group's reality and letting nearby members identify their nearest area meeting.

When and where we meet

We meet on the 7th of each month. Please contact us for the venue of the next meeting. There's normally someone there from around 7pm, roughly; if not we won't be far behind. If you've not been to a meeting recently, please consider coming along - we're a friendly bunch, honest!

Upcoming events

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