Wiltshire, South


The Wilts South area meets every third Wednesday of the month, at The Royal Oak, Corsley, BA12 7PR.  Members commonly travel from South Wiltshire, Bath, Somerset and North Dorset. The pub's own website is here.

Our monthly meeting tends to start around 7 to 7.30pm. We have a great cross section of owners, with young and old, male and female, certainly not just talking about cars, so don't be put off attending if you think you might get bored.

Anyone who likes can be added to our e-mail list, so they can be notified of any planned blats or impromptu meetings on a Sunday morning at Compton Abbas airfield.  A number of us have met for trackdays if this is something you would like to try or get involved in.

For more information please get in touch with me, Paul Manning (manningpaul on Blatchat) on 07989 600950 wiltshiresouth@lotus7.club

When and where we meet

Every third Wednesday of the month, at The Royal Oak, Corsley, BA12 7PR

Upcoming events