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Welcome to the Bear 7s page . . . although titled officially as ‘Warwickshire North’, our area basically covers almost all of the CV and B postcodes, plus a few LEs and Ns for good measure... from the very northern-most tip of Warwickshire down to where the M40 motorway scythes its way across the region.

Who are we as an Area ?
We’re just normal people... a lively mix of young and old, male and female, racers and tourers, extroverts and introverts who have fun in and around Lotus and Caterham 7 cars.

The Area Representative is Giles Hudson (gileshudson on BlatChat) and the Assistant Area Rep, Simon Cutler (SAJC on BlatChat).

When and where do we meet ?
We meet on the first Thursday each month, from 7.30pm at The Red Lion Hunningham, just five miles north-east of Leamington Spa.

Some of us enjoy the fantastic food while we’re there and in the summer, we can sit outside by the River Leam and enjoy the stillness and tranquility... apart from those damn noisy little cars   :O)

Red Lion Hunningham
Main Street, 
Warwickshire, CV33 9DY


(01926) 632715

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We welcome all members
As well as our healthy quota of regulars, we welcome members from elsewhere to stop by if they’re in the area as, being close to several neighbouring groups, we often do cross-border incursions ourselves to attend other area meets.

Our get-togethers are relaxed and informal, with loads of members turning up in Lotus and Caterham 7 cars from spring through to autumn, before winter salt on the roads sees them transfer to tin-tops once their pride and joys are safely tucked up in warm garages for the winter.

What do we want for our Area ?
To enjoy our fantastic cars, safely... we don't lay down a prescriptive rigid and fixed plan of things to do, but would rather work together and do the things we really want to do. We all muck in and apply our own particular skills, whether it’s trip planning, event organising, mechanical problem-solving for fellow members, etc... but it’s definitely not ‘Men and Motors’ as we have women owners, plus wives and girlfriends along to enjoy the fun too.

We organise and/or attend local and national social events, such as the annual National Kit Car Motor Show just up the road at Stoneleigh, plus weekend/evening blats as well as overseas holidays (Europe and Canada being most recent... though not together!).  We also do domestic weekend and single day trips (e.g., the Taffia Run, the Fish & Chip Run, Portmeirion, etc). A number of members also visit the Silverstone Classic, Le Mans 24 hour race, Le Mans Classic, etc.

Aside from the regular meets, most of our planned events are shown on the Events Calendar, but often blats (driving trips) are organised at the last minute via email, phone or text so let us know if you want advising of these last minute opportunities.

We've even got our own Bear 7s Facebook group, only visible to and accessible by Club members within our area. With way more than half of all area members already signed up to it, this is the place to go in advising members of news, last-minute blats, parts for sale, parts wanted, help wanted etc.

We invite you to come and join us
It’s your club, so please come to our next monthly meet and say hello.  We’ll be the ones with the windswept looks, but massive grins on our faces.

Yes, we‘re just a bunch of Lotus and Caterham owners or enthusiasts, but most importantly we’re friends and run the Bear 7s with that in mind... happy blatting !

Giles and Simon


Giles Hudson
Area Representative (AR)

(07976) 769022
gileshudson   (BlatChat)

    Simon Cutler
Assistant Area Representative (AAR)

(07732) 615204
SAJC   (BlatChat)


















When and where we meet

We currently meet on the first Thursday each month, from 7.30pm at The Red Lion Hunningham (01926-632715), just five miles north-east of Leamington Spa. Some of us enjoy the lovely food while we’re there and in the summer, we can sit outside by the River Leam and enjoy the stillness and tranquillity... apart from those damn noisy little cars :O)

Upcoming events

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