Electric Vehicles

About IA-EV
It’s a special interest group for people interested in Caterham related Electric Vehicles.

Why an interest group for electric vehicles
I’ve been threatening to set up something along these lines since joining the LT in early 2021 (now late 2022). But now seems as good a time as any. We have legislation affecting all new car sales that’s coming in 2030 along with clean air zones in many major cities. More and more of us are buying EV’s or hybrids and there’s much discussion about what Caterham will do as an EV product along with how existing owners might look to convert their cars to be an EV.

Interest Area Format 
This interest area will take the form of BlatChat posts and Zoom Meetings.

Topics for discussion
This will be a fluid agenda as hopefully the years go by, but we will start off with the following main items:

1. Introductions by new attendees
2. What’s new in the EV world
3. Thoughts on Caterham’s plans for EV
4. Seven Conversions

Whilst this group is interested in what is happening in the broader EV world we are focussed on Caterham and Lotus Sevens specifically. This is not the place to ask whether to buy a VW or a Tesla, though I'm sure BlatChat will be more than happy to offer an opinion on that if you like a Caterham enthusiast's perspective.
- On BlatChat in the regular forums
- On Zoom, 8:00PM on the 2nd Tuesday of each month
- Hopefully we can organise some in-person meetings too

Zoom details will be mailed out to those that have signed up to the IA (see “How Can I Join”).

How to join
You can join the group in one of two ways.
1. You can add the area to your Love Admin profile. This video explains how to do that if you don’t know how.
2. Send an email to ev@caterhamlotus7.club(link sends e-mail) and we’ll add the area to your LoveAdmin profile. Please make sure you send your request from the email that’s registered with the club as we’ll use that to verify that you are a member.

And a final note. If you have something else you’d like to be discussed on this topic then please respond below. Or if you think we’re doing it wrong then please do the same or DM me. Or, finally, if you want to help out then please DM me (Purplemeanie) or email me at john.martin@purplemeanie.co.uk(link sends e-mail).

When and where we meet

Zoom: A meeting link will be sent out when you join this "area" and will also be emailed out prior to each monthly call.

Upcoming events

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