Cheshire & Staffordshire, North

The Cheshire & Staffs group meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Swan Inn, Wybunbury (CW5 7NA) near to Nantwich and Crewe at 8pm.  It's website is for the pub address and more of what it offers.

So who are the Cheshire and Staffs group?  Joint Area Organisers are Richard Price and Nick Chan with plenty of regulars from a radius of about 40-50 miles or so.  Our meet tends to be very informal with around 20+ cars turning up in the summer and still around a dozen or so owners meeting through the winter months albeit with the Sevens tucked safely away - although you may come across the odd hardy owner out for a blat to the meetings.

We have a very healthy competition presence in our area with Richard being a past L7C Class 2 champion and Nick winning the 2009 Novice championship award too.  Other champions we have as regulars on our meets and blats are Andy Griffiths (2006 Class 5), Jon Ward (Novice & Class 1 champion 2008), Dave Miller (2006 Novice champion) and Trish Chan (yes, she’s related!) as the first winner of the club’s Ladies Championship in 2005.  Maybe it helps to have Richard around as a very useful point of reference for suspension set ups with advice willingly given to anyone who asks; he has certainly been instrumental in sorting out several cars for very satisfied owners over the past years.  Thus saying that and despite the competition presence, our area is certainly not only about sprinting and hill climbing.  We have a great cross mix of owners with plenty of folks happy to enjoy road use and maybe the odd trackday - although it certainly helps when one compliments the other.

As often is the case, it seems that new members can find attending an area meet quite daunting.  Hopefully nothing could be further from the truth for the Cheshire & Staffs area.  Anyone interested in joining the club, buying a car or simply wanting to come along for a natter is more than welcome to drop in.  If anyone is interested in finding out more information about a particular engine type, we reckon one of our locals has probably had it.   We cover pretty much all the engine types out there with K series cars, Xflows, VX, BECs, Zetec and Duratecs.  I think there have been more than one or two newcomers who have ventured out with Griff in his mighty Hyabusa who needed to redefine their interpretation of the word “Quick…”

So, if you want to pop along and see what all the fuss is about or you are on the verge of buying a car and want to have casual chat to see if there’s anything you have missed or you want to turn up in the latest R400 or R500 then the Wybunbury meet will be a great place to start.  Everyone is always welcome at the Cheshire meet.

Just drop in on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Swan Inn if you can – we’ll be the group with the pixie boots and steering wheels on the table…


Nick Chan - 07590 841674

& Richard Price - 07770 617127

When and where we meet

We meet on the second Wednesday of the month at the Swan Inn, Wybunbury, (CW5 7NA) close to Nantwich and Crewe. Usual time for folks to start turning up is from 8pm Despite thinking we really don’t do much on the organised runs side, we do seem to have a regular’ish Sunday early morning blat during Summer months (6.30am start from the A50 tunnel in Meir) across the Peaks to Buxton and Ashborne when all are welcome. Other runs usually include an annual big trip (Le Mans for several years but more recently a trip to the Stelvio Pass and Nurburgring for a change of scenery!), forays into North Wales, Cheshire and other nearby area meets to see what everyone else is getting up to and the usual convoy down to Stoneleigh for the Kit Car show or the recently introduced excellent Pageant of Power, conveniently situated close to our meet at Cholmondeley 15 miles away.

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