Our history

The Lotus Seven Club was established over 30 years ago, starting off as a group of friends meeting up with one big passion in common – the Seven! And at its heart, not a lot has changed - members getting together to enjoy their cars is still what the Club is all about.

Ever since the launch of the Lotus Seven in 1957, owners had met up to talk about their cars. When Caterham Cars took over production of the Seven in 1973, they set up the Lotus Seven Club, produced a magazine and arranged a local meeting in Surrey. Unfortunately this club was short-lived due to the time and energy needed to keep this it going.

However, the small local meetings that had started across the country continued operating, although more or less in isolation.  This led to what became the catalyst for the Club’s relaunch when the first International Super Seven Meeting was held at the Beaulieu Motor Museum in May 1983. The success of this meeting was effectively the birth of Club we see today with the Club having developed and grown strongly ever since with membership levels standing at around around 2,800 members worldwide as of 2020.

A significant development took place in 2021 when an 'all members vote' was carried out to determine whether the Club should change its name to better reflect the contemporary profile of membership interests and affiliations.  The outcome, carried by an overwhelming majority, resulted in the Club changing its name to become the "Caterham and Lotus Seven Club".  

Today, the Club continues to flourish, providing a wide range of well-supported events, activities and experiences for its members - owners and enthusiasts of Caterhams and Lotus Seven cars.